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3 heart-wrenching changes are going to happen in the iPhone, the fans were shocked to know, said – ‘Thank you Apple’

Apple’s iOS 15.2 is on its way, and it’ll be the biggest iOS 15 update in terms of privacy enhancements. The iOS 15.2 update includes a slew of exciting new iPhone features that will revolutionise your privacy. The fourth beta of iOS 15.2 has just arrived, indicating that a new iPhone upgrade will be available in the next weeks. The top three iPhone features in iOS 15.2 are listed below.

App Privacy Report for iOS 15.2

The App Privacy Report, which will be included in iOS 15.2, has the potential to be a game changer. “The App Privacy Report is a great way to see what apps are operating in the background and take full control of your permissions,” explains Jake Moore, an ESET cybersecurity specialist. Moore recommends that you review your iPhone app permissions and revoke them as needed when iOS 15.2 is released.

iOS 15.2—Scan for Airtags Tracking You

Another excellent privacy feature in iOS 15.2 is an update to the Find My app that allows you to scan for airtags or other Find My-enabled items that potentially follow you. In the Items page of the Find My app, under “Items that can track me,” there is an option in iOS 15.2. You can use it to look for nearby things that can track you.

Hide My Email from Your Apple Mail App in iOS 15.2

The ability to conceal your email directly from your Apple Mail app is another game-changing new feature in iOS 15.2. Simply open your email and press on the Cc/Bcc section, and the option to hide your email should appear. This will allow you to email marketers and others with a fake email address if you don’t want them to know your genuine email credentials. Your emails will continue to be redirected to your real address, and you can delete your false email accounts at any time.

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