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U.P.: 5 Men Arrested With Stolen Mobile Phones

In a combined operation in the Mathura district of U.P. on Thursday. Police said they recovered 1,589 stolen mobile phones worth over 1.5 crore from five persons.

The phones were among 8,990 stolen from a truck on the U.P. -M.P. border in early October as it was being carried from a factory in Noida to Bengaluru, according to officials.

When the accused were on their way to Agra to dispose of the looted cell phones. They were stopped near Raipura Jat underpass under Farah police station’s jurisdiction.

The operation was carried out by teams from Farah police station, surveillance, SWAT, special operations group (SOG), and special task force in response to a tip (STF).

According to Superintendent of Police (City), 1,589 stolen cellphones have been recovered, and five suspects have been apprehended. Officials estimate that the retrieved phones are worth Rs 1,589,000,000.

Rahul alias Aamir Khan of Mathura, as well as Shahid, Azaruddin, Samir, and Ajmal of Haryana’s Nuh district, were named as the suspects.

Officials had stated that 113 stolen cellphones worth $11,30,000 had been recovered from eight suspects.

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