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Dengue: 587 cases found in Noida

Dengue cases are increasing in this season. Dengue cases are coming to the fore in Delhi and its adjoining areas. Seven new dengue patients were found in Noida district Gautam Buddha Nagar on Tuesday. According to government data, it has been confirmed in 587 patients in the district so far. Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Sunil Kumar Sharma said that during the last 24 hours, dengue has been confirmed in seven new patients in the investigation report.

Health department completely serious – CMO

Sunil Kumar Sharma said that 22 patients of dengue are still being treated in different hospitals. He said that the health department is completely serious about it and is making every effort to prevent it and provide proper treatment to the patients. On Monday, 9 new patients were detected in the district.

Cases rise in NCR

The Health Department has taken many steps regarding this disease. Let us tell you that in a recent survey, it has been told that in Delhi NCR, 43 percent of the family or a close relative got affect this year and for the last six weeks, the demand for blood platelets has increased by more than 100 percent. It was found in this survey that the entire NCR including the capital Delhi is very much affected by dengue.

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