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A Bollywood actress is criticised for copying Urfi Javed

Ananya Panday, a Bollywood actress, is the cutest actress in the industry. Ananya has amassed a sizable fan base early in her career, and her admirers are wary of catching a glimpse of her. Ananya continues to share photographs from her latest photoshoots on social media, fulfilling the wishes of her followers. The actress recently released some really interesting and daring photos of herself on social media.

In these photos, Ananya is wearing a white bikini. But there’s something remarkable about Ananya’s dress. The actress’ entire body is encased in a net that matches the colour of her outfit. Which looks a lot like Urfi, which she used to wear.


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Not only that, but she’s also trolled them in several ways. The actress has been compared to apples. With her photos, she also included a photo of an apple. ‘I am perfectly aware that I seem like a fruit that arrives packed with the net,’ she added in the caption at the same moment. Ananya has decided to keep her hair. By donning this garment, the actress has imitated Urfi Javed’s look. It can now be deduced how Urfi Javed’s popularity is growing.

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