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A bomb explodes at a Russian school, injuring 12 people; an ex-student is suspected.

A homemade bomb exploded in a school attached to an Orthodox Christian convent, injuring 12 people, according to Russian authorities. An 18-year-old former student was identified as a suspect in the incident.

According to the Russian Interior Ministry, the device went off at the Vladychny convent in Serpukhov, a city 105 kilometres (65.2 miles) outside of Moscow.

The teen suspected of setting the bomb has survived and is being treated in intensive care, according to authorities. According to allegations in the media, he may have been motivated by his dislike of the school’s teachers and nuns.

The scene was cleared of staff and students. An probe has been launched by Russia’s Investigative Committee.

Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, requested solidarity for those injured in the blast and expressed confidence that authorities would take all necessary steps to prevent a repeat of the disaster.

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