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A man ‘rapes’ a Class 8 girl, and the video of the crime becomes viral

A Class 8 girl student was allegedly raped by a man living in his neighbourhood in yet another crime against girls. The accused also recorded the unlawful act and circulated it on the internet.

The accused has been apprehended by Nasirabad Sadar police. The case was brought to light after the video of the crime became viral and reached the victim’s parents.

The accused is a 31-year-old motorist who lives in the same colony as the victim, according to police. The girl’s parents claimed in their police complaint that they obtained a video of their neighbour, a driver, rapping their daughter.

The parents also told authorities that their daughter verified the occurrence, saying that the accused summoned her to his house for some work and raped her once she entered. The accused also threatened her and recorded the crime on tape.

The girl was intimidated by the accused driver not to inform anyone about the incident. The perpetrator was detained when the victim’s parents filed a complaint with the police.

The footage of the crime was shot roughly ten days ago, according to Nasirabad SHO. A medical examination has been ordered for the girl.

The accused driver has been charged with sexual offences against children under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act. The matter is being investigated further, according to police.

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