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A shopkeeper in Maharashtra was slain with a sword

Robbers stabbed a shopkeeper to death with a sword in Maharashtra’s Buldhana district on Tuesday night, police said.

CCTV cameras positioned inside and outside the electronics shop in Buldhana’s Chikhli city filmed the incident.

When two masked guys entered the store, the proprietor, Kamlesh Popat, was prepared to close up shop for the day and go home.

One of the suspects was seen approaching the owner, who was sitting behind his desk, on CCTV footage of the incident. He then pulls out a weapon that resembles a rifle and points it towards the owner, while another suspect draws a sword from behind him.

The shopkeeper was observed attempting to defend himself from the attackers, but he was severely harmed by the sword.

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The men quickly escaped the shop, named Anand Electronics, on their motorcycle, carrying the stolen money and other items.

The shopkeeper was found in a pool of blood inside his shop, critically injured, and died shortly thereafter.

The event, which has caused concern among nearby shops, has been reported to the police and an inquiry has begun.

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