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A tea vendor in Agra becomes an innovator when he creates a pneumatic engine

riloki Prasad, a citizen of Fatehpur Sikri (Agra) who sells tea and repairs bicycles, has developed a wind-powered motor.

According to Triloki, if the engine is rebuilt to fit in vehicles and other automobiles, a significant amount of vehicular pollution will be eliminated. The pneumatic engine, according to Triloki, can power anything from a two-wheeler to a train. Only the engine’s shape must be altered to meet the vehicle’s specifications.

Triloki told India Today that this was the culmination of 15 years of hard labour. Triloki, 50, learnt how to build a tubewell engine when he was a child. He used to fix tyre punctures fifteen years ago. The air tank’s valve leaked one day while filling the punctured tube with air, and the tank’s engine began to run in reverse due to the air pressure. That’s when Triloki came up with the idea of using the air’s power to power an engine.

He reasoned that if he could run his machine on compressed air, the cost would be greatly reduced. An idea that began as a way to cut the cost of filling the tank with air eventually evolved into a full-fledged car engine.

Santosh Chahar, Triloki’s companion, claims that only he is a graduate among their pals. The others had only completed Class 10 of their education. Two bellows fashioned like human lungs were manufactured and fitted in the machine by the team. The bellows began to create air pressure when a lever was turned, and the engine began to suck and pump air on its own, much like human lungs.

According to Santosh, their device is powered by a Lister engine, which requires oil to prevent friction. Unlike petrol-diesel engines, however, the lubricating oil in this device does not become heated or black.

Triloki claims that he built this machine by selling his inherited home and land. The buddies submitted for a patent with the National Skill Development Corporation in Delhi in 2019, but the engine was not working at the time.

Triloki and his colleagues eventually got the engine to work on Diwali, and they’re reapplying for the patent.

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