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Adult video of PAK’s female MLA goes viral on social media, one arrested in the case

On social internet, an allegedly indecent video of a Pakistani woman MLA has gone viral. Sania Ashiq, a Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) MLA from Punjab’s Takshashila assembly constituency, filed a police complaint at the same time. However, one person has been arrested as a result of the police inquiry into the matter. The police, on the other hand, are not disclosing any information on the suspect. Sania Aashiq, a woman MLA from Punjab, learned about the video last month. Sania took legal action as soon as she realised about the situation. On October 26, Sania informed the government and the central investigation agency of the situation.

MLA Sania has filed a complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency, according to an Ary news report (FIA). Simultaneously, he posted a copy of the complaint filed in connection with the incident on his official Twitter account. ‘An obscene video is becoming widespread on social media, in which the woman shown looks like her,’ Sania claims in the complaint. However, it is also stated that the woman in the video, Sania, is not who she claims to be.

A person has been taken into custody in the case from Lahore after nearly three weeks of investigation. The authorities have not confirmed whether or not the woman MLA Sania in the video is Aashiq. The person arrested in the case is currently being investigated by police.

Sania Ashiq told Pakistan Today, “In an interview with Pakistan Today newspaper, “My video has gone viral on social media thanks to the efforts of a few people. Aside from that, some of my photographs have gone viral on social media. And since then, I’ve been receiving threatening phone calls.”

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