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Agreed, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri are “Looking Bomb,” see pics and Sussanne’s comment

Gauri Khan’s industry pals were quick to respond underneath the post.

Gauri Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s wife, is now on cloud nine. Gauri Khan, an interior designer by trade, just published My Life in Design, whose premiere was attended by her husband, superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Gauri Khan, who is also a film producer, rewarded her followers with images of Shah Rukh Khan and herself on the day of the launch only a few days later. The pair may be seen twinning in black while clutching Gauri’s book in the photos. Gauri also praised her spouse for being a part of her journey in the post. “My Life in Design is now available,” she wrote. Thank you for being a part of my adventure, Shah Rukh Khan. “You can get the coffee-table book here.” Gauri Khan’s industry pals were quick to respond underneath the post. “Congratulations!” tweeted Zoya Akhtar, and “looking bomb both of you!” added Susanne Khan. “My favourite couple ever.”


The famous couple talked with the media at the launch event, which was held on Sunday evening, and also shared the narrative behind Gauri Khan’s endeavour into design, which began with her own property in Bandra, Mannat. Shah Rukh Khan, who wrote the preface to the book, said that the couple acquired a home for themselves in their early days but did not have the money to decorate it. He went on to say that they had scheduled a meeting with a designer but quickly realised that his prices would be out of their price range. When he had no other choice, Shah Rukh Khan resorted to his wife Gauri to design the mansion.

“We didn’t have a lot of money, so as soon as we got some, we said we had to buy a bungalow,” he told the journalists. We were able to purchase it, which was one thing, but we had to rebuild it since it was somewhat damaged. Then we ran out of money to furnish it. And, of course, we hired a designer, but the lunch he gave us while instructing us on how we should design the house cost more than my monthly wage. We were thinking, “This man is going to charge us a lot, so how are we going to do this home now?

The only person I could turn to was Gauri, to whom I said, “Listen, Gauri, why don’t you become the house designer?” Mannat truly began in this manner. So we kept buying minor things for the house with whatever money we earned throughout the years.”


At the event, Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan unveiled the book jointly. The pair, who were dressed in all black, also posed for photos with the book in their hands. Gauri Khan’s path as a designer is documented in My Life in Design, which includes unique images of the Khans, including Shah Rukh and their three children, Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan, and AbRam Khan. The book also includes previously unpublished photographs of their Bandra home, Mannat.



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