December 9, 2022

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Akhilesh Yadav’s Dig At The Centre: “First, Feku, Now Bechu Government”

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Following the recent sale of national carrier Air India and talks of disinvestment from numerous public sector units...

Following the recent sale of national carrier Air India and talks of disinvestment from numerous public sector units, Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav sought to brand Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government as a “bechu” (seller) government on Saturday.

Mr Yadav tried to affix the new label to the administration as the opposition’s previous one, “pheku” (bragger), began to lose its lustre, as he sought to take on the BJP in Yogi Adityanath’s bastion Gorakhpur.

“Everything is now for sale by the government. It was fine when the government was a “pheku” (bragging) one, but today the government is a “bechu” one, selling off all the PSUs “Mr Yadav was speaking to party activists who were taking part in the ‘Vijay Rath Yatra,’ which was started as the SP’s election campaign.

The former chief minister further alleged that numerous oil companies in the country generated a 600% profit on fuel sales and demanded an explanation from the BJP.

Mr Yadav further accused the administration of “filling the coffers of the rich” by “picking up wallets of the poor.”

Mr Yadav said that if the Samajwadi Party wins the next elections in Uttar Pradesh, it will eliminate all of the current government’s abuses and treat all parts of society equally.

He urged people to vote for the Samajwadi Party, saying, “This is an election to defend democracy and the Constitution.” “Baba chief minister is not handing computers to youths because he himself does not know how to operate them,” Mr Yadav remarked, referring to Chief Minister Adityanath.

In answer to a query about development, Mr Yadav stated, “People of Azamgarh know who has done developmental works,” and asserted that the people of Gorakhpur will bring down the BJP’s arrogance.

The Kushinagar district was also visited by the SP Rath Yatra.
“The BJP administration has humiliated the farmers in the state and has crushed them under the tyres of a truck,” Yadav added, referring to the Lakhimpur Kheri violence.

“Farmers are protesting the three black farm rules that have been placed on them, but the BJP administration is not listening,” Mr Yadav said.

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