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Amazon executives have been charged by Indian police for selling marijuana online

Indian authorities have charged officials from Amazon’s local affiliate with smuggling and selling marijuana through the company’s online site.

Two guys were nabbed in central Madhya Pradesh state last week with 21 kilogrammes (46 pounds) of the substance and informed investigators they were utilising Amazon’s India platform to ship their items elsewhere in the country.

According to a police report seen by AFP on Sunday, they acknowledged to shipping their crop under the guise of stevia leaves, a natural sweetener.

The allegations included executives from Amazon’s India unit due to discrepancies between evidence gathered during the police inquiry and responses received by the company, according to the newspaper.

The number of employees facing charges was not disclosed by either the police or Amazon.

In a statement to AFP on Sunday, Amazon said it was investigating the situation and promised full cooperation with police.

“We do not allow the listing and sale of things that are illegal to sell in India,” said a business spokeswoman.

Since its launch in 2013, Amazon has invested $6.5 billion in India, making it a crucial market for the company.

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