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Apple could soon add the iPhone 6 Plus to its vintage product lineup

On December 31, Apple is apparently going to add the iPhone 6 Plus to its list of antique and obsolete goods, limiting owners’ support options.

According to MacRumors, Apple stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers will continue to offer repairs, subject to part availability.

The iPhone 6 Plus was discontinued in 2016, although the iPhone 6 remained accessible through select stores in limited locations until at least 2018, and will not be considered a vintage product until later.

The A8 chip, which was made by TSMC (replacing Samsung Foundry) using the 20nm production node, was used in both variants. There were two billion transistors in the A8.

In comparison, the current A15 Bionic, which is manufactured by TSMC and contains 15 billion transistors, is built on the 5nm process node.

With the release of iOS 13, both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus lost software support in 2019.

Apple had previously added the very first 12-inch MacBook to their vintage and outdated product list.

On June 30, Apple added the 12-inch MacBook from 2015 to their list of historic and defunct items. The laptop was added to the vintage product list around six years after it was initially released.

Products that have been out of production for more than seven years are considered obsolete.

There are “no exceptions” for obsolete products receiving hardware service from Apple specialists or Authorized Service Providers.

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