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Apple has released a beta version of iOS 15.3 for developers

According to recent sources, Apple, based in Cupertino, has begun to distribute the initial beta version of iOS 15.3 and iPadOS 15.3 to developers. According to reports, the upgrade was made available to developers as an over-the-air update in the settings menu on their devices. The update promised a lot of key improvements that weren’t available when it was released on eligible iPhone devices, and it was first presented at WWDC in June of this year. Some of the unreleased features were later carried out in later updates by the corporation, although not all of the promised features are yet available. The build number for the most recent iOS 15.3 update is 19D5026g, and rumours indicate that this update will not include the aforementioned changes.

Details About the Latest Updates

The iOS 15.3 beta update was issued to developers mere days after the public release of the prior version, iOS 15.2. The iOS 15.2 update included an App Privacy Report feature that allows users to see how much of their personal data, such as location, camera, photographs, microphones, and more, has been accessible by the various apps installed on their iPhones. It also delivers a seven-day assessment on how applications in the background have been doing. Users who have updated the most recent software update can access the functionality by selecting Privacy from the Settings menu and then selecting Privacy Report. Users must leave the toggle on for a few days in order for data to be visible.

Aside from this functionality, the Notification Summary feature has been redesigned. When users touch on Notifications in the current update, all notifications are displayed on a single card, as opposed to being displayed on individual cards in prior iOS versions. The Notification Summary feature’s purpose is to give users the option of selecting which alerts they don’t want to see on their device’s lock screen. Apple announced when introducing this feature that customers can now receive a daily collection of their alerts in the morning, evening, or at any time they choose. The Notification Summary feature has been cleverly engineered to keep the most relevant alerts at the top, allowing users to catch up quickly, according to the company.

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