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Apple iPad saved the lives of father and daughter

Apple‘s products are expensive, everyone knows this, but very few people know how they save people’s lives. Because of Apple Watch, the life of such a person was saved, we often hear such news. Now an Apple iPad has saved the life of a father-daughter. After the plane crash, the GPS signal coming from the iPad saved the life of the 13-year-old daughter and the father of the pilot. Let’s know the whole matter…

This whole case is from the Pennsylvania city of America, where last week a 58-year-old pilot father and 13-year-old daughter took off on a two-sheeter plane, but just 5 minutes later, the plane lost contact with the radar. Later the plane crashed. The US Air Force carried out the rescue operation for five hours. 30 volunteers were involved in this operation. The location of the crash was found after the pilot called his wife after the rescue was over.

As soon as the rescue team got information about this, they tracked the GPS signal of the pilot’s daughter’s iPad, then the location of the daughter was also found, after which both the father and daughter were saved. Had the rescue team not received the GPS signal on time, both of them would have died due to cold. Father and daughter were found in a pre-hypothermic state in a dense forest. Both have suffered minor injuries. Both are undergoing treatment.

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  1. […] Apple‘s products are pricey, as everyone knows, yet few people are aware of how they save lives. We frequently hear that a person’s life was spared as a result of Apple Watch. A father-daughter duo has now been saved by an Apple iPad. The GPS signal from the iPad saved the lives of the 13-year-old daughter and the pilot’s father after the plane crashed. Let’s get to the bottom of it… […]


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