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Apple iPhone 13 won’t be available till February 2022

The Apple iPhone 13 will not be available until February, according to the latest reports. Apple is striving to alleviate the processing bottleneck, but despite its best efforts, the new iPhone 13 may remain in short supply until February 2022. Apple has so far been unable to keep up with demand for the iPhone 13, and this is unlikely to change in the near future.

The news comes from Digitimes, which claims that chip supply bottlenecks are starting to alleviate. Manufacturers are ramping up production, and the situation should return to normal by February 2022, with Apple finally satisfying global demand for the iPhone 13 series.

Apple iPhone 13 series 

In numerous locations, the iPhone 13 series has been tough to come by, with most retailers having limited stock. The issue has primarily affected the United States and other Western markets. In comparison to its competitors, Apple has efficiently compensated for chip scarcity and minimised the damage.

According to sources, TSMC manufactures Apple processors and has dedicated a section of its manufacturing line to iPhones. Nonetheless, certain older chips are said to be in short supply.

The iPhone 13 series has been around for a while, and this year, as last year, there are four models in various price levels. Apple also continues to sell the iPhone 12 series, which comes in four different models. Due to lower prices, the iPhone 12 series has witnessed greater demand this Christmas season (more so with the festive discounts involved).

With prices starting at INR 69,900 in India, the iPhone 13 Mini is currently the most affordable iPhone 13 model. Apple raised the storage capacity of all base models to 128GB this year while maintaining a similar price. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini are nearly identical to the iPhone 12 series, with the exception of upgraded cameras, a larger battery, and a modestly modified look.

A 120Hz ProMotion display, upgraded camera sensors, a dedicate macro camera mode, and ProRes video capture capabilities are also include in the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

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