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Apple iPhone XR is now available at Rs 18,599: Here is how you can receive this offer

Great news for Indian iPhone fans! With the special offer, the Apple iPhone XR, which is presently priced at Rs 34,999 for the 64GB variant on Amazon, can be purchased for Rs 18,599 instead.

Users can save Rs 150 on City Union Bank debit card transactions and Rs 1,500 on American Express and Yes Bank credit card transactions, according to the Amazon ad. This might potentially drop the price down to Rs 18,599. As a result, the iPhone XR is a superior value.

The iPhone XR has a 12 megapixel rear camera and a 7 megapixel front camera for better low-light performance. It boasts a single-lens camera with sophisticated “bokeh” and “Depth Control” functions in “Portrait” mode. Users can modify the depth of field in real-time preview and after capture using the “Depth Control.” The iPhone XR is water resistant, having an IP67 rating, and can withstand spills such as coffee, tea, and soda.

Meanwhile, Apple is expected to release two new iPhone SE models in the next two years, according to reports. Apple plans to release two new iPhone SE models in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

According to MacRumors, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the 2022 iPhone SE would be released in the first half of the year and will have 3GB of memory, while the 2023 iPhone SE will have more major enhancements, such as a larger display and 4GB of memory.

According to the source, Kuo’s projections are in accordance with a slew of previous rumours about the next-generation iPhone SE models. According to the source, Apple is working on a new 4.7-inch iPhone SE with 5G connectivity, which will be released in 2022, followed by a successor iPhone SE model with a 5.7-inch to 6.1-inch LCD display in 2024.

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