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Apple is being sued for customer injuries caused by broken watch screens

A group of users argues in a lawsuit that Apple’s watch isn’t all it’s cracked up to be because of a fault that can cause harm. Customers claim that, in its quest for minimalism, Apple did not provide enough room within the watch for the internal battery to grow. As a result, users claim that the watch screen can detach, crack, or shatter.

“The detached, shattered, or cracked screens are a significant and unreasonably dangerous safety hazard,” the consumers wrote in a federal court complaint filed Thursday in Oakland, California.

Four Apple Watch consumers have launched a proposed class-action lawsuit. A snapshot of a deep gash on one of the customers’ arm, allegedly suffered when her Series 3 Apple Watch screen detached, is included in the complaint.

“The screens are either constructed of Ion-X glass (for aluminium models) or sapphire crystal glass (for stainless steel and titanium variants), and each has a razor-sharp edge on all four sides,” the buyers explained.

According to the lawsuit, Apple broke several consumer protection laws when it released the product knowing it had a problem.

The group aims to represent anybody who purchased an Apple Watch, starting with the first generation in 2015 and ending last year. This year’s model owners are not eligible.

A request for comment from Apple was not immediately returned.

The business established a programme in 2019 to fix damaged screens for aluminium Series 2 and 3 watches for free.

“Apple has discovered that a crack may form around the rounded edge of the screen in extremely unusual conditions,” the company noted on its website.

Smith v. Apple, Inc, 4:21-cv-09527, Northern District of California, U.S. District Court (Oakland).

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