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As a result of the Covid cases, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has called an emergency meeting.

The Rajasthan government called an emergency meeting of concerned officials on Friday after the state reported a Covid death for the third time in three months.

The conference, which was headed by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, discussed ways to combat the rising number of instances.

According to sources, Gehlot has decided to investigate the idea of administering a Corona vaccination booster dose and has written a letter to the Prime Minister about it.

Officers have been tasked with enforcing social separation rules throughout the districts. They’ve also been told to do genome sequencing and a serological survey.

“We have agreed to write to the Prime Minister to authorise the third booster dose of Corona vaccination,” Gehlot stated after the review meeting. The booster dose is now necessary after a year to check for the third wave. Will write to the PM to request that the booster dose be considered and approved. Many countries have begun to use booster doses. He suggested that the Centre make the necessary arrangements.

It can be risky to have Corona cases in classrooms, he said, adding that “This is something we’re keeping an eye on. In this situation, everyone must exercise prudence. It is necessary to follow the Corona protocol.”

The CM commented on the increased number of cases in Europe and Russia, saying: “Corona is rapidly spreading throughout Europe and Russia. In nations like Germany and Russia, even beds are scarce. According to the WHO, 5 lakh people could die in Europe as a result of it. Corona is said to arrive in Asia two months after it arrives in Europe. We’ve called a review meeting because the number of Corona has climbed here as well “Added he.

On Wednesday, a two-and-a-half-year-old child died of Corona, and his report on Thursday revealed that he was Covid positive.

On Thursday, the state has 95 active cases, up from under 50 until Diwali. According to officials, easing limitations in schools, universities, weddings, and cinema halls and allowing them to reopen with full capacity has led to the spike.

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