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At her own funeral, a ‘dead’ woman knocks on the coffin, stunning the mourners

A woman who had been pronounced dead following a car accident surprised mourners at her funeral by banging on the coffin and showing signs of life.

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca, from Lambayque, Peru had been pronounced dead after a car crash but during her funeral she was heard to knock on the coffin and found to have signs of life

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca’s funeral was disrupted last week when stunned family members heard a noise from her coffin in the Peruvian city of Lambayque.

She was declared a fatal casualty after being involved in a catastrophic crash that also claimed the life of her brother-in-law.

Her three nephews were seriously injured in the incident. This happened on the region’s Chiclayo-Picsi road.

Rosa was placed in a coffin following the tragedy in preparation for her funeral last Tuesday. But mourners were startled when they heard noises at the start of the service.

Her relatives, who had lifted the coffin onto their shoulders, quickly lowered it and opened the lid to find her alive and staring back at them.

“[She] opened her eyes and was sweating,” said cemetery caretaker Juan Segundo Cajo. “I went straight to my office and dialed 911.”

Rosa was still inside the coffin when her family picked it up. And they took it to the Referential Hospital Ferrenafe in Lambayeque.

Rosa was placed on life support after doctors noticed she was showing signs of life, but she died a few hours later.

Her family is demanding answers from healthcare officials to find out why she was declared dead “in the first place.”

“We want to know why my niece reacted yesterday, when we were taking her to be buried,” her aunt told local media.


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