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Attack On Titan : The Final Season to launch on January 2022

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 2

Attack On Titan is a famous Japanese anime series with a diverse range of characters, tragic and shocking turns of the story which has a boon amongst anime viewers all over the world.

After the release of Attack On Titan: Final season part 1 in early 2021,

The show ended with a huge cliffhanger and the mystery about the story still continues holding all the twists and main events which were about to happen in the series.<more about it>

Release Date and Time

After a year-long wait, the final season part 2 is finally here, broadcasting starting from the 6th of January as announced by Mappa Studio.

Fans are eager for this day and are waiting to see what the creators have to offer the audience.

About trailer

The final part 2 Official trailer gave a glimpse of the story and what we should expect from the final season as it might be the last season of this franchise.

The teaser shows Erens memories as released by the official Twitter account of Attack On Titan.

All the releases have been vaguely brief and short, which are making fans more excited and curious with more questions.

The artwork shows a lot of details and bits of a scene from the very 1st season which has the childhood memories of Eren Yeager,

All the things that happen through the years are shown in Erens memories, which might include the memories of the titans he possesses.

What to expect from Attack On Titan Season 4?

In part one some mystery unfolds for the paradise island people, leaving many Eldians in confusion from the events that took place.

Viewers will get a deeper insight into Zeke Yeager’s plan the whole marleyans situation will be explained in more depth.

It might reveal Berthold’s background As Armin possesses his memories.

And more information about Annie and Historia, fans are really curious about how Annie will be freed from the crystal form and what will happen to Historia is They plan to go with rumbling.

Not to forget The Attack on Titan Final season did Change the preceptive of viewers and was a debut of a new side of the characters.


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