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Attention! Somewhere you are not doing this mistake, WhatsApp account can be blocked due to WhatsApp Delta

When it comes to instant messaging apps, WhatsApp is the first name that springs to mind. This app is one of the most widely used on the planet. This Meta-owned company is always providing new services to its users. However, in search of something new and different, consumers begin to use duplicate apps that seem similar to it. WhatsApp Delta is one such app. A big number of individuals use this app because of the unique features it offers. If you’re doing the same thing, you should exercise caution. Your original WhatsApp account may be banned as a result of this copycat app. Let us explain what WhatsApp Delta is and how it might result in your account being suspended.

What’s is WhatsApp Delta ?

In fact, there are a slew of such developers on the Internet that have created their own WhatsApp Mode. WhatsApp Delta, also known as GB WhatsApp, is one such version. Deltalabs Studios created it. Many customization options are available in each of these versions. You can choose the primary colour, accent colour, application theme, custom font style for the home UI, and message UI, among other things. This software also includes features such as auto reply, third-party video player, online status hide typing notification, and do not disturb. Aside from that, even the largest files can be delivered using this method. The ability to edit sent messages is the most significant feature of this software. Even if you’ve already sent a message to someone, you can update it here. On the receiver’s screen, this message is likewise updated. This is one of the reasons why the app’s popularity continues to rise.

WhatsApp Gave A Warning

Because these apps are clones of the original. They are not available on the Google Play Store in this case. These are obtained through the use of an online APK. WhatsApp has now issued a warning to its users as a result of its continued use. The company claims that if any of its users are detected using this app, their accounts will be suspended.

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