Author: Sarah Bisht

Hey! My name is Sarah and I am 14  years old. My pronouns are she/her. I study in class 9th. I am a podcaster, blogger, writer, and producer. I founded a media company called TriPod Media in 2020, which currently produces two podcasts, Word Affinity, which is a podcast hosted and produced by me, and Storytime With Kabeer, which is a podcast hosted by me and narrated by my brother. I am a MUNer and have won many accolades in various committees. I am also a writer and blogger, having published my work on many platforms. I like reading classic and dystopian novels, listening to podcasts about science, and perusing books about investing and managing money. I have a website where I write about my favourite authors, books, issues that need to be talked about and other things. I strive to help other young aspiring authors to achieve their dreams and write! You can go to my website and message me to talk about collaborating with me, about a writing job or working with TriPod Media!