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‘BJP wants to come to power by getting Hindus-Muslims’, alleged SP leader Abu Azmi

In Gonda today, State President of the Samajwadi Party of Maharashtra, Abu Azmi reached the residence of former minister Vinod Kumar Singh and paid heartfelt tributes. Talking to the media, he made a big allegation on the BJP government. He said that BJP is a communal party and wants to come to power by converting Hindus to Muslims. Where there is an election, the ration has been doubled and where there is no election, the ration has been stopped.

Attacking the BJP fiercely, Abu Azmi said that the BJP government is scared of the Samajwadi Party, so it is giving such a statement. Seeing the crowd of Akhilesh Yadav withdrew the agriculture law. Speaking on the issue of Jinnah running in politics, he said that there is no Muslim in the country with Jinnah. Jinnah had partitioned the country. Before the partition of the country, if someone talks about Jinnah, then why do they feel bad?

Abu Azmi targeted BJP fiercely

Abu Azmi said that BJP is examining like a microscope and is being re-elected on the basis of communalism. They don’t have any issue. In UP, BJP has imposed and declared curfew, whoever speaks against them, they send them to jail. He said, ‘Governments which are absolutely useless and negative, those governments raise the issue of temple mosque. This is not the job of governments.

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