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Border Force Intercepts Pak Drone In Punjab, 5th In 4 Days

A total of five drones from Pakistan have been intercepted along the border between India and Pakistan in just four days. The recent one was downed near the Amritsar sector in Bhaini Rajputana village of Amritsar district at 9 p.m. The drone is believed to be used for smuggling drugs from the Pakistani side of the border to India.

The black-coloured drone was a quadcopter of ‘DJ Matrice 200 RTK’ make that had 2.1 kilogrammes of heroin attached to it through an iron ring, BSF said. A switched-on small torch was also found attached to the drone in order to make it convenient to detect cargo on the Indian side. The buzzing sound of drones picked up by the troops was also reported over the last four days, but nothing could be established, officials said. Two drones were shot down by the BSF, and one was intercepted and fell onto the Pakistani side of the international border. A drone that was intercepted violating Indian airspace on May 20 (Saturday) was carrying 3.3 kilogrammes of suspected narcotics slung under it.

Punjab shares over 500 kilometres of border with Pakistan, which is guarded by the BSF. The drones taking flights from neighbouring countries and carrying drug, arms, and ammunition payloads have become a matter of concern for security agencies over the last three to four years.


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