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Can Fin Home appoints Suresh Iyer as new CEO and MD

Can Fin Homes announced on Saturday that Suresh Srinivasan Iyer has been named the organization’s new MD and CEO, effective immediately. The appointment was made when the company’s previous MD and CEO, Girish Kousgi, abruptly left his position in September 2022, just before his contract was set to expire in September 2024.

The business stated in an exchange statement on Saturday that the newly appointed chief’s initial term will be for three years and may be extended by an additional two years.

According to Can Fin Homes, Suresh Iyer has been employed at Gruh Finance since 1997 and joined the Core Management team early in his career.

He has over 25 years of consistent work experience in Gruh Finance, where he has held a variety of positions and performed duties in areas like sales, operations, IT strategy, policy and pricing, risk, recovery, and legal, among others. The company says that he has moved up in the ranks because he has done all of these things well.



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