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CBSE Class 12 Math and English Papers are Tough in 2021, and a Lok Sabha MP Demands a Liberal Assessment

MK Premchandran, a Lok Sabha member, raised the issue in the house on Tuesday (December 7) amid outrage over the difficult and lengthy Mathematics and English papers in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) class 12 board exams. He urged the education ministry to consider a liberal evaluation process for the sake of students who appeared in the exams. “The CBSE Class 12 Math and English papers were extremely difficult, with questions that were lengthy and off-syllabus,” the MP claimed.

During the zero hour, the Kerala leader of the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) raised the issue, saying, “The Class 12 Maths exam, which took place on December 6, was difficult, lengthy, and even off-schedule. Following the completion of the paper, students became depressed.” He also referenced the 12th English paper, which was held on December 3, and described it as “extremely difficult and out of syllabus, causing concern among pupils.”

He also encouraged the education ministry to consider a more liberal evaluation process, stating that CBSE class 12 marks determine a student’s destiny. “The results of the class 12 board examinations are critical for pupils seeking higher education. As a result, I implore the education ministry to take note of students’ concerns and adopt a more liberal grading process for both the Mathematics and English papers.”

Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament referred to the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) and state board exams, describing them as “extremely easy.”

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