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“Change Yourself or There Will Be Changes,” PM Modi warns BJP MPs

On Tuesday, BJP MPs who were missing or irregular in attending Parliament were summoned, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi reportedly warning them to “adjust yourself or there would be changes,” according to sources.

The Prime Minister, who has often urged his party’s MPs and ministers to be disciplined, punctual, and not talk out of turn, chastised BJP leaders for acting “like children” in a harsh warning.

“Please attend Parliament and meetings on a regular basis. It’s not good for me to keep harping on this (and treating you like toddlers). There will be changes in due time if you do not alter yourselves “Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the remarks today at a gathering of the BJP’s parliamentary party in Delhi.

Home Minister Amit Shah, Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi were among the senior ministers present.

JP Nadda, the BJP’s National President, was also present.

The Prime Minister’s warning comes as the BJP faces fierce opposition in the ongoing winter session of Parliament, with the ruling party cornered on a number of topics, including 14 civilian deaths in Nagaland’s Mon district on Saturday as a result of a bungled Army operation.

The suspension of 12 opposition MPs for this session has enraged the administration; the MPs were suspended for their role in the appalling pandemonium that characterised the last session’s closing day.

Mr Joshi had previously stated that the government had been “forced” to suspend the MPs, but that if they apologised, he would consider removing the suspension.

MPs, on the other hand, have refused to back down, calling the move “wrong and undemocratic” and “against the House’s norms and precedents,” citing laws that indicate MPs cannot be penalised for activities taken during a previous session.

Farmers’ protests against the now-scrapped farm legislation are another hot topic, with opposition MPs relentlessly attacking the government over MSP assurances.

The government had until today to contact farmers about MSP, but the farmers claim that no offer has been made. They will now hold an internal meeting to determine a course of action.

The winter session of Parliament began on November 29 and will end on December 23, but both Houses have already been adjourned many times.

The PM’s rebuke comes as the BJP prepares for a slew of Assembly elections next year, including one in Uttar Pradesh, a strategically crucial state, and another in Congress-ruled Punjab.

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