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China is trying to make its military ‘world class’ by 2049, revealed in Pentagon report

US Report on China: China’s expansionist policy and hunger to become the world’s most powerful country is increasing amid the ongoing dispute with India on the LAC. This has been revealed in the latest report of the US Defense Ministry. The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) has presented the report about China in front of the Congress (Parliament) of the country this week. According to this, according to the ambition of its President Xi Jinping, China is fast-paced to fulfill the dream of modernizing the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) by 2035 and becoming a ‘world class military’ by 2049.

Expansion of the Chinese Air Force

In this report named ‘Military and Security Developments Involving People’s Republic of China-2021’ of the Pentagon, it has been said that the Chinese Air Force is currently the largest aviation force in the Indo-Pacific region and the third largest aviation force in the world. According to the report, China is increasing the strength of its air force very fast. China currently has more than 2800 aircraft, including 2250 fighter jets, tactical bombers and strategic bombers. Trainers and UAVs are not included in these 2800 fighter aircraft. If they are also included, then this number will increase significantly.

China is trying to strengthen its air force with the fourth generation ie fourth-class fighter jets. Of the total 1800 fighter aircraft of China’s PLA (Airforce), more than 800 belong to the fourth class.

According to the report, China has built six (06) new airbases in its five PLA theater commands in recent years, while modernizing many. Simultaneously, China has disbanded its division of fighter jets and bomber aircraft and converted them into brigades.

China’s PLA (Navy)

With 355 warships and submarines, the Chinese Navy is currently the largest maritime force in the world.
nuclear weapons stockpile

China is also engaged in increasing its nuclear power

According to the Pentagon report, by the year 2027, China will have 700 nuclear warheads and by 2030 its number can reach 1000.

China’s powerful rocket force is a challenge for America

According to a Pentagon report, the PLA Rocket Force tested more than 250 ballistic missiles in the year 2020, ie during the Corona period, which was more than the total tests of all the armies of the world. Apart from this, China has also operationally deployed its first hypersonic weapon system DF-17. According to the report, in the next five years, the number of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) of China will reach more than 200.

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