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Congress will contest elections alone in UP, Priyanka Gandhi said – will not tie up with any party

In Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi announced at the office-commitment bearer’s conference on Sunday that the Congress party would run alone in the state elections. We will fight on all seats, he declared, and we will fight on our own power. We’ve come here to strengthen Congress, he continued, because only Congress can stand up for our country. During this time, he also targeted Uttar Pradesh’s ruling party, the BJP, as well as the opposition parties, the SP and BSP.

Priyanka targeted BJP

Priyanka Gandhi while addressing the office bearers’ conference said, “Nehru ji had said, in the slogan of Bharat Mata ki Jai, farmers, laborers, women, workers, soldiers, each and every countryman ki Jai. Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Ambedkar Like all the freedom fighters knew the meaning of freedom. They knew the value of freedom. Those who did not shed blood and sweat for freedom do not understand the meaning of freedom. That is why the BJP leadership does not respect freedom.”

Priyanka Gandhi stated that the Congress has improved fraternity as well as progress. It’s do or die time once more. He claimed that it is the common people’s pain that we are being slaughtered by inflation. The identity of the vote bank, not the identity of the actual being. Petrol takes 70 years to reach Rs 70, but only 7 years to reach Rs 100.

Promise to end Inflation

Priyanka Gandhi stated that only the Congress can expose the country’s truth, and that only the Congress is battling. “, he explained “First and foremost, we want to build our party because we need to remove inflation out of this state. This state’s anarchy must be destroyed. In this scenario, we must re-establish democracy. You all have powerful officers as a result of this. It is going to be.”

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