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CoWIN Now Showing Fully/Partially Vaccinated Badges

CoWIN has begun putting badges on user profiles on the site that show whether they are fully vaccinated or partially vaccinated. In addition, the Indian government is expanding the CoWIN platform by making the COVID-19 tracking portal open-source software. In July, the platform was demonstrated at the CoWIN Global Conclave, and 142 countries were said to be interested in purchasing it. The technology not only keeps track of immunizations in real time, but it also keeps track of vaccine waste.

CoWIN will begin displaying fully/partially vaccinated badges — which will look as a shield — alongside a user’s COVID-19 vaccination status, according to National Health Authority CEO Dr. RS Sharma. Gadgets 360 was able to independently verify the shield for several users on CoWIN on Web, as the vaccination badge functionality is now being rolled out on a countrywide basis.

When you login in to with your registered cellphone number, the shield will appear.

Separately, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared in July at the CoWIN Global Conclave that CoWIN would be made an open-source platform and made available to any government that requires it for inoculation campaigns. Now, according to a tweet from the Prime Minister’s Office, the government has made the CoWIN platform open-source, allowing anyone to use it for free.

When CoWIN was first announced as an open-source platform in July, India had already provided around 350,000 doses. The country has already administered over 1 billion doses, with the amount of injections being published on the CoWIN platform on a regular basis. CoWIN is a component of the electronic vaccine intelligence network, which collects data on immunisation programmes in real time. CoWIN expands on this by providing a cloud-based IT solution for COVID-19 vaccine planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation in India.

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