December 9, 2022

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Data of PNB Customers was exposed to Hackers

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Because of this, the personal data of Punjab National Bank (PNB) customers was exposed to hackers for months. The bank acknowledged the error but provided this crucial information. Read the entire article

A significant breach in the servers of Punjab National Bank has been discovered, according to CyberX9, a cyber security firm (PNB). According to the company, around 180 million bank clients’ personal and financial data was exposed for seven months. Access to the whole digital banking system and administrative management of PNB was open due to this technical glitch. Following the publication of this report, the bank acknowledged a technical issue. In his statement, he also stated that no critical material had been disclosed. According to the bank, consumer data was totally safe during this time. As a precaution, the bank turned off its server.

Internal Server Access was Open

According to Himanshu Pathak, Founder and Managing Director of CyberX9, the bank was sleeping sweetly until we complained about it. 180 million customers’ personal and financial information was compromised for over seven months. He said that our team had discovered a severe hole in PNB’s security system. Because of this issue, administrative control was breached, allowing access to the internal server. Customers’ data was compromised on such a huge scale as a result of its access in such a situation.

Hackers Could Access Any Computer of the Bank

Pathak also stated that the weakness was discovered in the bank’s exchange server. Due to a server failure, all customers were able to access their email. Hackers might easily obtain access to the bank’s computers using this method. That is, hacking any bank branch’s computer had become a source of amusement for the hackers. PNB claims in its statement that the server where the issue was discovered did not contain any sensitive information.

Reveal on November 19

PNB vehemently denied CyberX9’s claims, claiming that no customer’s personal or financial information had been compromised. The National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center has received a report from CyberX9 (NCIIPC). This information was revealed on November 19th.

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