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Data protection bill may come in winter session of Parliament

The chance of a debate on the long-delayed data privacy measure in Parliament has finally increased. On Monday, the bill’s Joint Parliamentary Committee approved the report. Some opposition members, such as Jairam Ramesh and Derek O’Brien, have expressed their displeasure with the findings on some areas.

The exemption offered to the government to keep government security and investigation agencies out of the bill’s requirements is the most contentious component of the data protection bill. According to reports, it was suggested that this exemption be kept in the committee’s draught report. Article 35 of the draught gives the government the authority to exempt security and investigative agencies like the CBI, IB, and RAW from the proposed law’s provisions on national security and public order.

Congress MP Jairam Ramesh expressed dissent

Apart from committee member and Congress MP Jairam Ramesh, TMC MP Derek O’Brien has written a note in the report expressing his displeasure with the situation. In their dissent note, these members argue that some limitations should be placed on the government’s use of this exception so that it is not abused. They argue that Parliament should keep an eye on this exemption provision.

This significant bill was introduced in 2019 and was later reviewed by a joint committee of Parliament. The committee has completed a two-year assessment and has written a report, which will be presented to both chambers of Parliament in the Parliament session beginning November 29. This committee is currently chaired by BJP MP PP Chaudhary.

Social media platforms not considered third parties

The committee has recommended that the punishment standards be relaxed slightly, according to sources. Another key point to remember is that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter should not be considered third parties. The bill includes a provision to establish a National Data Protection Authority to combat data theft and monitor other data-related issues.

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