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Delhi University Professor’s Wife Allegedly Murdered By Driver

On Tuesday, a 31-year-old man was detained in Delhi for reportedly strangling and electrocuting a 32-year-old lady who, he claimed, had “evicted him from the residence” where he had lived for the previous three years.

Pinki, the woman’s name, was the wife of a Delhi University assistant professor.

On Monday, cops said they spotted the suspect, Rakesh, “sitting uncomfortably by a roadside” in Burari, northwest Delhi.

When confronted by a police officer, he admitted to killing a woman he described as his “sister-in-law.”

The body was discovered at the woman’s home in Sant Nagar by the police.

During questioning, the accused said that Ms Pinki’s husband, Virender Kumar, had permitted him to stay on the top floor of his house three years ago.

Mr Kumar also offered Rakesh his automobile to help him make a living because he was unemployed.

In February 2021, Mr Kumar married Ms Pinki. Rakesh was unable to pay Mr Kumar’s rent because he did not have a consistent income. He said that Ms Pinki ejected him from the house.

Mr Rakesh went to his residence when Mr Kumar was not at home and reportedly murdered Ms Pinky, according to police.

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