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Nawab Malik: Devendra Fadnavis has ties to Dawood Ibrahim’s aide

Following through on his pledge to drop a “hydrogen bomb” exposing Devendra Fadnavis alleged underworld ties, Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik revealed that the former Chief Minister has ties to Riyaz Bhati, a don Dawood Ibrahim’s associate.

Nawab Malik, speaking during a press conference, stated, “Riyaz Bhati, who is he? He was apprehended with a forged passport and has ties to Dawood. In two days, he was released. He was spotted with you at gatherings and even at BJP events.”

“We don’t want the Prime Minister to become involved in this. Riyaz Bhati, on the other hand, obtained access to the PM’s event and also took photos with him. Underworld dons from various nations contacted Devendra Fadnavis’s Thane police personnel, and the situation was resolved “Nawab Malik went on to say more.

Devendra Fadnavis has also been accused of criminalising politics, according to Nawab Malik.

“During Devendra Fadnavis’ government, Nagpur’s renowned criminal Munna Yadav was appointed chairman of the Construction Workers’ Board. Fadnavis named Haidar Azam, a Bangladeshi illegal immigrant, as chairman of the Maulana Azad Finance Corporation “According to Nawab Malik.

Following demonetisation in 2016, Devendra Fadnavis allegedly shielded fake money rackets in the state with the help of Sameer Wankhede, who was then with DRI.

“When demonetisation was announced on November 8, 2016, a large amount of counterfeit cash was recovered around the country. After that, Maharashtra had no cases of counterfeit cash for a year because it was run with Fadnavis’ endorsement. The DRI seized Rs 14.56 crore of counterfeit currency in BKC Mumbai on October 8, 2017. Fadnavis, on the other hand, pushed the issue under the rug “According to Nawab Malik.

Before being fired, Sameer Wankhede, the NCB’s Mumbai zonal director, was overseeing the alleged drug bust case involving Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan. Wankhede has been accused of a number of things by Malik.

“These are Pakistani banknotes. Bail was given right away. The case was not turned over to the National Investigation Agency (NIA). It was discovered that the individual had ties to Congress. The guy arrested was Haji Arafat Shaikh’s younger brother, who was appointed chairman of the Minority Commission by Fadnavis “According to the NCP’s leader.

The allegations against Nawab Malik came a day after Devendra Fadnavis claimed that a firm owned by the NCP leader and his family bought land in suburban Kurla for a low price using bogus documents obtained from two prisoners in the 1993 Mumbai serial bombings case.

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