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Dhamaka : Movie Reviews

Until date, Karthik Aryan’s films have had a distinct flair. He has been compared to the romantic hero. However, after the explosion, Karthik Aryan is perceived in an entirely different light. Dhamaka, a Netflix film, premiered today, and Kartik Aaryan has proven that he is capable of more than just romantic films. Dhamaka is directed by Ram Madhvani, who previously worked on the Neerja films and the Arya web series. Ram Madhvani has maintained the picture sharp and has given the Korean film ‘The Terror Live’ a distinct Indian interpretation.

The Blast’s Story

The explosive tale is about news and Arjun Pathak, i.e. Karthik Aryan. He is on the verge of a successful career. Arjun Pathak has been appointed as a radio show host. Arjun is worried by his life; things with his wife aren’t going well, and he’s having career issues from above. Then a bell rings, and a voice from the other side completely transforms Arjun’s life. When a terrorist strike occurs, Arjun seizes the opportunity, but it ends badly for him. As a result, Arjun has no idea when he and his family have become complicit in the plan. Ram Madhvani has ridden the film in this manner, without over-pulling the storey, and this storey in the newsroom completely impresses.

Acting in Dhamaka

Dhamaka is a film that is entirely focused on Kartik Aaryan. Karthik Aryan delivered a terrific performance and delved deeply into the role. He has also internalised the intricacies of Arjun Pathak’s personality. His acting has been outstanding in this regard. Mrunal Thakur has also performed admirably.

Verdict about the Film

The new look of Karthik Aryan. Ram Madhvani directs with aplomb. It’s a fascinating storey. The film’s stunning conclusion follows. Dhamaka has all the elements of a thriller in this way.

Rating: 4.5/5

Director: Ram Madhvani

Actors: Kartik Aryan and Mrinal Thakur

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