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Diwali not celebrated at Punjab Congress chief Sidhu’s house

This time Diwali was not celebrated in Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee state president Sidhu’s house. During this, neither Sidhu’s house was decorated with colorful lights nor anyone was greeted on Diwali from here. Although Sidhu was not at his house in Amritsar on the night of Diwali, but Sidhu’s daughter Rabia, who was present in the house, also stayed away from the party supporters.

It is being told that Sidhu decided not to celebrate Diwali this time because of his support to the farmers’ movement. Navjot Singh Sidhu was at his Patiala house on Thursday. His daughter Rabia, who was in Amritsar, posted a post on Instagram and informed that there is no Diwali with her this year. On the post posted on Instagram, Rabia said that no one celebrated Diwali in our house this year. This Diwali is not for us. Because our farmers are fighting for their rights on the border of Delhi against the three agricultural laws.

Rabia is handling his assembly constituency in the absence of his father

In the absence of Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu, his daughter Rabia Sidhu has taken over the responsibility of her father’s assembly constituency. Rabia Sidhu is active in the Amritsar (East) assembly constituency. She has started many construction works although Rabia says that she has no intention of entering politics. She says that she will join her father’s work and take forward his development agenda.

Earlier, a black flag was hoisted on behalf of his daughter Rabia Sidhu at Sidhu’s house in Amritsar in support of farmers’ organizations sitting on the Delhi border to protest against agricultural laws in Punjab. Then Rabia Sidhu said, “So Nihal” was raised and slogans of Jai Kisan Jai Jawan were also raised while opposing the central government for repealing the agriculture law in favor of farmers.

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