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Dr. Vivek Murthy defends Biden’s vaccine mandate as ‘necessary’

After announcing sweeping COVID-19 vaccine regulations for corporations with 100 or more employees, US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy defended the Biden administration’s actions in a Sunday interview in a private news channel.

“The president and the administration would not have put these criteria in place unless they believed they were reasonable and essential, and the administration is absolutely willing to defend them,” Murthy said.

Nearly 100 million U.S. workers will be forced to show proof of the COVID-19 vaccine by Jan. 4, according to federal rules announced Thursday by the Biden administration, which see COVID-19 as an occupational hazard. Some workers would be able to test weekly.

At least 26 states, including Kentucky, Oklahoma, and West Virginia, have filed lawsuits challenging the mandate, claiming it is unconstitutional.

Several business organisations have also spoken out against the announcement. As the holiday shopping season approaches, the National Retail Federation has described the rule as “burdensome” for shops.

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