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DRI slueths seize gold worth Rs 4.21 cr from passenger at Visakhapatnam Railway station

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), Visakhapatnam, recovered 7.396 kg of gold worth Rs 4.21 crore from a passenger at the Visakhapatnam Train Station.

DRI Visakhapatnam personnel apprehended one person who arrived at Visakhapatnam Railway Station from Kolkata via Howrah-Chennai mail on Thursday, along with the receiver who came to the train station and greeted the arriving person, according to a DRI release here on Saturday.

8 bars of smuggled gold weighing 7.396 kg (99.9% purity, 24 carats) and valued at Rs. 4.21 crore were recovered from the inside zip-lining pocket of the arriving person’s trolley bag.

It was discovered that gold was smuggled into Kolkata from Bangladesh and melted or recast into bars.

The two people were arrested and placed in jail.

The inquiry is continuing, according to the announcement.

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