December 9, 2022

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Dwayne Johnson on doing a Bollywood film: ‘I would love that’

Image Courtesy: The Indian Express

Dwayne Johnson, a Hollywood actor, has expressed his desire to work in a Bollywood film. The actor, who is now promoting his Netflix thriller Red Notice, also expressed his admiration for India and the Hindi film industry.

“I would love that,” Dwayne remarked in an interview with India Today TV (do a Bollywood film). That’s something I’ve always said. Whatever the path is, I’d love to figure it out. I’ve always thought there should be more ties between Hollywood and Bollywood. Especially now that so many of our films are available not only in theatres but also on streaming sites, where there is so much more possibility. There needs to be a way to bring everything together.”

Dwayne Johnson has frequently stated his admiration for India. He mentioned visiting India in the same interview. “During my professional wrestling days, there were a few of tours in which we were preparing to go to India, but it went through for whatever reason,” he remarked. I was looking forward to it because my buddies, The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin, would return from India and tell me, “You have to go there because we had the best time and the crowd was insane.”

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