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Elon Musk made fun of Finland’s Prime Minister by sharing meme, know the whole matter

Tesla CEO Elon Mask recently shared a meme on Twitter criticizing Finland’s Prime Minister Sana Marin. The world’s youngest Prime Minister Sana Marine (36) is facing criticism due to her Covid behavior in the past. In fact, despite her foreign minister being found infected with Covid-19, the picture of Sana Helsinki partying in a nightclub became increasingly viral on social media.

On this incident, Elon Musk has criticized her in her own style while sharing a meme through Twitter. In fact, the Covid test of the Foreign Minister of Finland came positive. Despite being aware of this, the Prime Minister was found partying in the club till four o’clock in the morning.

According to the meme shared on this, a man is shown whispering in the ear of a woman in the club. In the meme, the man is asking the woman, “What do you do?”. She replies, “I am the prime minister of Finland,” and the man gives a startled response.

However, following criticism on social media, the Finnish Prime Minister apologized from her official Facebook account and wrote that she had made a mistake in making a decision and she was deeply saddened for it. She should have made enough social distance after the top minister of her cabinet got infected with Covid.

After that she said that she did not isolate herself because she is fully vaccinated. She further said that she regrets that she did not even give priority to the message of maintaining social distance. She told that after that she got her Covid-19 test done, whose result has come negative.

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