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Employees that break the company’s vaccine policy will be fired, according to Google

According to internal emails obtained by CNBC on Tuesday, Google advised its staff that if they did not follow its COVID-19 vaccine regulations, they would lose salary and eventually be fired.

According to the article, a memo issued by Google’s leadership stated that employees had until December 3 to disclose their vaccination status and upload proof of immunisation, or seek for a medical or religious exemption.

According to CNBC, after that date, Google said it will begin contacting employees who had not uploaded their status, were unvaccinated, or whose exemption requests had been denied.

Employees who fail to comply with the vaccine requirements by January 18 will be punished on “paid administrative leave” for 30 days, followed by “unpaid personal leave” for up to six months and termination, according to CNBC.

A request for comment from Reuters was not immediately returned by Google.

Google postponed its return-to-work plans indefinitely earlier this month, citing concerns about the Omicron variant and employee reluctance to company-mandated vaccines. It had previously planned for employees to return to work for around three days a week starting January 10.

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