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Every time he accessed Facebook, an Indian-American hired a lady to hit him. Elon Musk’s reaction to the news

After employing a slapper, Maneesh Sethi found the results of his bizarre experiment “astonishing.” (Screenshot courtesy of Mannish Sethi’s Hack the System.)

An Indian-American hired a woman to slap him every time he opened his mouth. Thanks to two emojis from entrepreneur Elon Musk, Facebook has re-captured the internet’s attention.

Maneesh Sethi, the founder of Pavlok, paid a lady to slap him in the face every time he went on Facebook. He found the woman on Craigslist, a classified ads website in the United States. He offered $8 per hour for the job, which required the individual to work next to him at a café or at home while watching his computer screen.

“You’ll have to yell at me or, if necessary, slap me when I’m squandering time,” he wrote in the ad in 2012. After hiring the slapper, Kara, Sethi found the results of his bizarre experiment “astonishing.”

“On most days, my productivity hovers around 35-40 percent. “My productivity surged to 98 percent when Kara sat next to me,” he wrote in a blog.

Sethi’s experiment was widely publicised in 2012, and now, nine years later, he has earned an emoji from Elon Musk, whose tweets have the capacity to drive cryptocurrency prices to new highs and get the internet talking.

The Tesla and SpaceX entrepreneur just reacted with two fireball emojis to a tweet about Sethi’s incident, piqueing his followers’ interest in the slapping experiment.

“This is me, the guy in the image.” Is two emojis from @elonmusk the highest I’ll ever get? Is this a case of my icarus flying too close to the sun? Was that conveyed by Elon’s use of fire symbols? “Only time will tell,” Sethi replied to Musk on Twitter.

He claims that this experiment inspired him to start his wearable device firm, Pavlok, which uses an electric zap and pleasurable feelings to reward good habits and break negative ones.

Watch Maneesh Sethi’s slapping experiment here:

n elated n elated n elated “First nomad list, then Elon emojiing my slapping storey, today’s just my day isn’t it,” Sethi tweeted.
Other social media users quickly joined in the banter, commenting on his slapping experiment.

Will Kretz told him, “I think being smacked is your thing,” to which Sethi replied, “That’s what my mom thinks too.”

Someone else inquired if it was a “suppressed sexual fetish.”

“Not my fetish, no matter how hard i try,” Sethi said.

He pointed to Pavlok, the wearable device he designed, when a fan inquired whether he had employed a slapper to restrict his Twitter usage as well.

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