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Exams for the 3rd, 5th, and 7th semesters begin today; the university warns students against using unfair means

Delhi University released rules on Monday ahead of the online open book exams (OBE) for all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, warning students not to use dishonest tactics and to ensure that they have documentation proof in case of a delay in uploading answer sheets. Students are only allowed to submit their scripts through the OBE portal, according to the criteria.

“All the students are advised not to use any unfair means while writing the exam. They must be very careful in writing exams, a system is in place to detect copying/use of unfair means in the examination,” the guidelines stated.

Over 350 students were detected cheating during the OBE in June, and their papers or entire semesters were cancelled as a result, they stated.

“If submission (of scripts) on the portal is delayed for more than one hour, students can post the scripts on the OBE portal for an extra one hour (the 5th hour), but they must preserve documented evidence (4-5 photos of the uploading delay),” they noted.

In other words, students will have three hours to write responses, plus one hour to download the question paper and upload scripts, as well as one hour to submit their work late. According to the instructions, the verification process may cause delays in the outcomes of response scripts sent by email, as it did during the OBE in December, March, and June.

“Email responses that are just partially completed will not be accepted. Both email and portal submissions would not be accepted “they stated Beginning Tuesday, DU will hold third, fifth, and seventh semester examinations for all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

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