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Exclusive Interview with Kine Sanctuary Co-Founder Kadambini Purohit

Aryan Jakhar, founder of The Shining Media, recently interviewed Ms. Kadambini Purohit, Co-Founder of Kine Sanctuary. Kine Sanctuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a better world for a progressive future by harmonising producer-consumer relations and benefiting every being around us. Kine Sanctuary aims to build a circular economy that improves health, hygiene, and the environment by providing top-quality products and services to their customers while also serving the suffering stray animals by providing them with a comfortable and secure habitat. This interview sheds light on Kine Sanctuary’s mission, challenges, and future goals, making it a must-read for anyone interested in animal welfare, sustainable living, and circular economy practices.

Ms. Kadambini Purohit can you tell us about your background and what inspired you to co-found Kine Sanctuary?

I was born and brought up in India, I have worked with various organisations such as, a big four firm, a Startup and an architectural resources company. After my graduation I did my masters from University of New South Wales (UNSW, Sydney) and worked for almost 2.5 years in Marketing in Sydney. I always had a thing for animals, especially strays. I used to randomly feed them. There were times when I used to bring strays at my home, hiding it from my parents, eventually them discovering what I was doing. But these were small incidents. Himanshu Bishnoi, (the Founder of Kine Sanctuary) was the one who contacted me and told me that he wanted to start a non-profit organisation where he wanted to do something for the strays and asked me to be a part of it since he trusted me with my work and the vision that I will have for the organisation. We later on discovered that we can do so much more for society with a mission to create a better world for everyone and not just stray animals in need.

What inspired Kine Sanctuary’s mission to build a better world by harmonising producer- consumer relations, and how does the organisation work towards achieving this goal?

Born and brought up in an environment wherein we have been always taught to do things that benefit the greater mass and with a soft corner for all the suffering beings in the environment. The biggest inspiration comes from a feeling of fulfilment, when a good deed is done towards a living being in distress. It brings joy, content in life and keeps you motivated for consistent efforts. Himanshu and I have always believed in this thought.

Can you explain the concept of a circular economy and how Kine Sanctuary is implementing this model in its operations?

A circular economy is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and promoting the continual use of resources. When I write the meaning of circular economy according to google, the above is said. But as per Kine Sanctuary, we are trying to create a circular economy by having identified 4 challenges with their solutions by creating a loop, thereby benefiting everyone in the circle.

Our first aspect is Stray animals, the problems pertaining to these strays are that they live on streets, they carry tons of diseases, are unhygienic, and accidents that are caused by them or to them. Kine Sanctuary’s aim is to create shelters for strays at various places, help with treatment of these animals, provide them with regular nutrition and give them love, which is so crucial.

Second aspect is Farmers, In India, farmers do not receive fair prices for their produce, they have a lack of technology and infrastructure, and no regular monthly income. Kine Sanctuary wants to provide knowledge to these farmers to overcome the challenge of unfair prices and create employment for the farmers by involving them in various shelters that will be created for the animals.

Third aspect lies with our hard working Soldiers. Our soldiers are deployed in extreme operational terrains ranging from high altitudes, jungles, forests to swamps, etc. wherein consuming high calorie, healthy and tasteful meals become a challenge. Kine Sanctuary is working towards creating calorie packed, tasty and convenient meals for our hardworking selfless soldiers. .

Lastly, consumers are the closure to the circle/loop. We realised that there is a lack of availability of convenient meals that are healthy and tasteful, but also affordable. Kine Sanctuary has collaborated with a renowned brand and created a product that will help consumers in every aspect of eating healthy and ready to cook meals. All the revenue that is generated from these products are invested in creating shelters for strays and associating farmers with us, hence the CIRCULAR ECONOMY BY KINE SANCTUARY!

How does Kine Sanctuary aim to improve health, hygiene, and the environment through its products and services, and what impact has the organisation made so far?

Kine Sanctuary has innovated a product wherein there is a negligible interaction between the humans and the consumables during the process of manufacturing to the deliveries, thereby achieving a hygiene and quality of highest order. These consumables are tailor made to suit the requirement of the consumers in such a way that provides healthy nutrition with great convenience at affordable costs.

Can you tell us more about Kine Sanctuary’s work with stray animals and how the organisation provides a comfortable habitat for them?

Whoever is associated with Kine Sanctuary, our employees, us and even people that we know around us, we make sure that we feed stray animals in our vicinity on a daily basis. Not only that but we will be talking to a lot of vets to provide us with information on how we can treat injured animals during emergencies.

What sets Kine Sanctuary apart from other non-profit organisations with similar missions?


What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Taking the initiative of starting Kine Sanctuary is what we are most proud of and Everyday achieving small tasks is also an accomplishment for us which are celebrated too!

How does Kine Sanctuary measure the success and impact of its work, and what metrics do you use to evaluate its effectiveness?

For us, success is when people recognise our work, they talk about us or when we hear about Kine Sanctuary from them, even when it is as small as them recognising our logo.

It has never been about measuring, it’s always about being persistent and working consistently towards our goal.

How can individuals get involved with Kine Sanctuary and support its mission, and what role do volunteers play in the organisation?

We are always available when someone wants to contact us, we are available on social media platforms and our website. Individuals usually like to volunteer with us to feed stray animals, or if they want to intern with us to work on the backend.

What challenges has Kine Sanctuary faced in its work, and how has the organisation overcome them?

Challenges are part of everyday’s life, which can range from being small to really big. The only common factor while dealing with these challenges is to equally keep calm and discuss with the team to eventually come up with a workable and sustainable solution.

What are Kine Sanctuary’s long-term goals and future plans, and how do you envision the organisation’s growth and impact in the years to come?

Our long term goal is to continue working towards a circular economy and build a community who believe in the same. Not just that, but finding new challenges in the environment and creating a solution to those problems. We envision that with a positive mindset we can definitely create an impact.

Aryan Jakhar

Aryan Jakhar works as an Editor-in-Chief at The Shining Media. Also, he is an editor at YouthPolitician (digital media situated in Taiwan). He writes his opinions on social issues at YouthKiAwaaz and also on his blogger website.



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