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Festi hf.: Annual General Meeting 22 March 2023 – final agenda, proposals and candidates for the Board of Directors.

The Annual General Meeting of Festi hf. will be held on Wednesday, 22 March 2023, at 10:00 a.m. local time at the Company’s headquarters at Dalvegur 10 – 14, Kópavogur.

A proposal has been received from Gildi Pension Fund. The proposal will be considered at the meeting under the agenda item “Other business”. With regard to its content, reference is made to the attached document which explains the proposal.

In other respects, the agenda and proposals are unchanged from the Company’s previous announcement published on 28 February 2023. Please note under agenda item 6, the Nomination Committee will present its report and the Committee’s proposals relating to changes to its rules of procedure will also be submitted and put to a vote by the shareholders. Reference is otherwise made to the attached document with regard to the final agenda and proposals.

The deadline for submitting candidacies for the Board of Directors expired on 10:00 a.m. on Friday, 17 March 2023. The following persons have submitted candidacies for the Board of Directors:

  1. Guðjón Reynisson.
  2. Hjörleifur Pálsson.
  3. Magnús Júlíusson.
  4. Margrét Guðmundsdóttir.
  5. Sigurlína Ingvarsdóttir.

According to the Company’s Articles of Association, the Board of Directors shall be composed of five members elected at the Annual General Meeting for a term of one year at a time. Since other candidacies for the Board of Directors were not received within the deadline, the Company’s Board of Directors will be elected unopposed at the Annual General Meeting. Further information about the candidates is available on the Company’s website at and in the Nomination Committee’s report.

Meeting materials and all further information about the Annual General Meeting is available on the Company’s website at

For more information, please contact Magnús Kr. Ingason, CFO of Festi hf. (

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