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Following the verdict in the Rittenhouse case, protests erupted in Portland

A protest against the acquittal of a boy accused of killing two people and injuring another at a rally in Wisconsin has been declared a riot by Portland police.

According to KOIN TV, the rally of roughly 200 individuals was designated a riot after protestors began shattering windows, throwing objects at police, and threatening to burn down the Justice Center on Friday night.

Following Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal in Kenosha, Wisconsin, protesters gathered.

According to KOIN, Portland Police Bureau Chief Chuck Lovell stated shortly after the verdict that officers were planning for Friday night and the weekend.

About 200 protestors had assembled in downtown Portland by 8.50 p.m., blocking streets. By 9 p.m., city facility windows and doors had been shattered. Objects were hurled at cops in the area, according to police. KOIN broadcasted the storey.

The police tweeted: “A crowd has gathered near SE 2nd Avenue and SE Madison Street and participants have begun breaking windows and damaging doors of city facilities in the area. People are throwing objects at police officers in the area.”

After the police killing of George Floyd last year in Minneapolis, Portland saw prolonged, often violent protests. Some activists have complained that the police response has been excessively harsh.

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