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Gautam Gambhir receives third threat email from ISIS : Delhi Police

Gautam Gambhir, a former Indian cricketer and current BJP MP from the east Delhi constituency, has allegedly received a third threat e-mail from ‘ISIS Kashmir,’ according to Delhi Police. The threat mail reportedly included their identity, according to the cops.

Gambhir had previously received two emails on November 25. Two e-mails threatening to assassinate a former Indian cricketer were sent from Pakistan, according to the Delhi Police.

Gambhir claimed he received two death threats via e-mail from “ISIS Kashmir” within 24 hours.

The first threat e-mail received from ‘ISIS Kashmir’ stated, “We are going to kill you and your family.”

The second threat message was read out loud “We planned to kill you, but you managed to escape the day before. Stay away from politics and the Kashmir problem if you value your family’s life.”

Security has been tightened up outside Gambhir’s home as a result of the threats.

Senior Delhi Police officers have also confirmed that Gambhir’s complaint has been forwarded to the Cyber Cell of the Special Cell in order to determine the source of the email.

The investigation is currently in progress.

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