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Gehlot’s advice to Minister Rajendra Singh Gudha, said – no one will like politics outside the limits

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has objected to the statement of Minister Rajendra Singh Gudha, who talked about making the roads of his constituency like Katrina Kaif’s cheeks. CM Gehlot has advised the Minister of State, Gudha to stay in modesty. On Wednesday, Minister of State Gudha had told the officers in a program in his area that Hema Malini has become old now, now roads should be made like Katrina Kaif’s cheeks. The CM has raised serious objections to his given statement.

CM Ashok Gehlot said in Surat – Such comments are not appropriate. Many times such comments come from Rajasthan and from other states. Be it Rajasthan or a person from any other state, they should take care of dignity. If you do politics outside the limits, no one will like it.

Gehlot said that, in what context Rajendra Singh Gudha said this, I don’t know. We will find out in what context he said this and why. Sometimes the context changes, the purpose of saying something is different and something else goes on. All I can say is that every person should have dignity. Minister and Chief Minister should have more dignity. Every person should have dignity.

Rajendra Singh Gudha is Closer to Gehlot, hence avoiding strict tone

Minister Rajendra Gudha, who made the statement, has joined the Congress from the BSP. Earlier, in Gehlot’s last term also, Gudha had joined the Congress along with six BSP MLAs. At that time, the minority Gehlot government was also supported by six MLAs who had joined the Congress from the BSP. Gehlot has objected to the statement, but did not keep the tone as strict. Political equation is also a big reason behind this.

Gudha has been in controversies with his statements in the past

Minister Rajendra Gudha has been in controversies earlier also due to his statements. During a demonstration in the year 2017, Gudha had come into controversy by abusing the then BJP government in a live broadcast on a channel. Gudha had sat on a dharna in the Chief Engineer’s chamber in Jayaparu this year, angered by the non-approval of the Har Ghar Naal scheme in his area.

Gudha had said – had we not been there, by now the first death anniversary of the government would have been celebrated.

Gudha’s statements were in the news even after the delay in the cabinet expansion. Last year, Gudha had said – there is no point in getting married in old age, now the same thing applies to the expansion of the cabinet. In June this year, Gudha had said that if there were no MLAs coming from BSP, then by now the government had made preparations to celebrate the first death anniversary.

BJP state president said – the public is now regretting

After the statement of Rajendra Gudha, BJP has got an opportunity to attack the Gehlot government. BJP State President Satish Poonia said- Once upon a time Lalu Yadav compared the roads with Hema Malini. The minister’s statement is a gimmick of cheap popularity. People must be regretting what kind of people they brought to power.

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