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Her college education was paid for by a stranger. She’s now repaying the favour

Keerthi Jayadevan was only able to attend college due of the compassion of a stranger. Now, this Indian computer science engineer working in Germany is assisting others in a similar situation. Ms. Jayadevan stated in a widely circulated post on Twitter that her parents could barely feed their family of four on their combined monthly wage of $14,000, and that the only way she could finance college was thanks to “the compassion of some random stranger via scholarship.”

Ms Jayadevan wrote, “Today, I’m that random stranger to someone.” She posted a photo of a letter she received from a Kerala-based engineering college thanking her for her scholarship support.

The Vidya International Charitable Trust (VICT), which manages the Vidya Academy of Science and Technology in Thrissur, expressed gratitude to Ms Jayadevan in a letter.

“VICT established educational institutions to provide quality education to deserving youth at affordable cost, and to help financially weak but bright students by offering scholarships… We once again thank you for your generosity to support the program which will in turn help a student accomplish his/her cherished dream of becoming a professional engineer,” the letter read.

On the microblogging platform, Keerthi Jayadevan’s post has received over 20,000 “likes” and hundreds of positive comments.

Ms. Jayadevan, who works as an Engineering Manager in Berlin, previously announced a scholarship initiative to donate computers to eligible students. “We are passionate about improving people’s lives via education. “However, all of the online efforts are futile when the most deserving people lack access to laptops and the internet,” she had said while launching the “dream project.” “This year, in July.

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